LéAna Clifton, b. Pretoria, South Africa, 1971

LéAna's career as an artist spans over two decades and across several mediums.

LéAna was born into a middle class family in South Africa. Growing up in a deeply divided country
caused her to begin questioning people's actions and motives, ultimately leading to her rejection of the
status-quo in favor of a more balanced and softer, dream-like view of the world. Being born dyslexic
only added to her non-conformist perspective on life.

LéAna was exposed to art and photography at a young age and through photography discovered a
portal through which to view and reflect the world on her own terms. The camera became her
communicator and her escape.

As she progressed, the images she created became more obscure and abstract; beautiful images only
she could fully understand.

Over time, her photography became more visceral in nature. She wanted the viewer to feel the
excitement and dynamism in her work. In the darkroom, she pushed her medium further and in certain
works, deconstructed photographic prints and reconstructed them into new images or 'visual stories'.
In recent years her work has moved to more fully reject the photographic tradition of merely capturing
an instant in time with long, single exposures of moving objects. Her imagery has continued to be
abstract, using the camera to 'paint' with light and color across the visual plane. Manipulating the
camera and/or subjects with longer exposures to create new, images through mechanical means alone.
Derivatives of the real world. An attempt to capture more the visceral experiences of light, form, color,
movement and time.

LéAna takes the everyday, mundane and sometimes ugly, and transforms it into pure beauty.